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Lowell George

"Lowell George" (born April 13, 1945 in Hollywood, CA - June 29, 1979) was an American musician, singer and guitarist, with the rock group Little Feat and as a solo artist. His first instrument was the harmonica: he appeared on a television talent show performing a duet with his older brother, Hampton. At North Hollywood High School (Little Feat member Paul Barrere was a school-mate) Lowell took up the flute in the marching band and school orchestra. He started to play guitar at age 11, and as well as harmonica and flute, and would also learn to play the saxophone and sitar.

He is best known and remembered for his outstanding ability on the slide guitar. Although he experimented earlier with playing with a slide, an injury to his hand involving a model aeroplane propeller (see Neon Park's cover for Little Feat's Under the Radar) during the recording of Little Feat's first album prompted him to pursue the style. Rather than the traditional glass or steel slide, George employed a Sears & Roebuck 11/16ths spark-plug socket wrench. Although not the first - since 1965 Ry Cooder had been playing slide live and on albums - George was certainly amongst the pioneers of the use of slid...

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