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"George" (often written ''george'', no capitals and in italics) is a rock band from Brisbane, Australia.

The band consists of Katie Noonan on vocals and keyboards, her brother Tyrone Noonan on vocals, guitar and keyboards, Geoff Green on drums and percussion, Paulie Bromley on bass and Nick Stewart on acoustic and electric guitar. Geoff Hooton, a bass player left the band in early 2000.

The Noonans form the nucleus of the band sharing principal songwriting duties. Nick Stewart also contributes to many of the bands tunes. The Noonans grew up with a strong background in classical music with their mother Maggie Noonan being a well-known opera singer. Katie Noonan studied opera and jazz at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music.

Nick Stewart grew up listening to and playing rock music. Paulie Bromley played in underground Brisbane rock band Pangaea with Ben Ely of Regurgitator. Geoff Green has been playing the drums since 1987.

The band formed in 1996 to enter a university music competition. It released a series of independent EP's namely "George" in 1998, "You Can Take What's Mine" in 1999 and "Bastard-son/Holiday" in 2000. The EP's did progressively better earn...

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