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Georges Brassens

"Georges Brassens" (October 22, 1921 - October 29, 1981) was a French singer-songwriter.

Georges Brassens was born in Sète, in southern France, sixty kilometres north of Montpellier . An iconic figure in France, he achieved fame through his simple, elegant songs and articulate, diverse lyrics; indeed, he is considered one of France's best postwar poets, and won the national poetry prize. In addition, he set to music poems by many well-known and relatively obscure poets, including Louis Aragon (''Il n'y a pas d'amour heureux''), Victor Hugo, Jean Richepin, François Villon, Guillaume Apollinaire and others.

During World War II, he was obliged to work for the Germans, in the ''Service de Travail Obligatoire'', forced labour, in Basdorf in Germany (march 1943). There were many other celebrities, and celebrities to be. Here Brassens met some of his future friends, such as Pierre Onteniente, whom he called ''Gibralter'' because he was steady as a rock, and who would become his closest friend. After being given ten days leave in France, he decided not to go back to the labour camp. He took refuge in a little slum called "Impasse Florimont" where he lived for several years with...

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