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"The Germs" were a punk rock band from Los Angeles in the late 1970s. Their 1977 single, ''Forming/Sexboy (live)'', is generally regarded as the first punk record from Los Angeles.

The band started when Jan Paul Beahm and Georg Ruthenberg decided they should start a band after being kicked out of University High for antisocial behaviour, allegedly for using 'mind control' on fellow students. They named themselves "Sophistifuck & The Revlon Spam Queens," with Beahm (then 'Bobby Pyn,' and later Darby Crash) on vocals, Ruthenberg (then and later called Pat Smear) on guitar, an early member called Dinky on bass, and Michelle Baer playing drums. This lineup never played live.

In April '77 the band featured its final bassist, Lorna Doom, with transitional member Dottie Danger on drums, later famous as Belinda Carlisle of The Go-Go's (Carlisle never played live, due to her being sidelined by a bout of mononucleosis for an extended period, although she can be heard introducing the band on the ''Live At The Whiskey'' recording), and was soon replaced by Donna Rhia, who played three gigs and recorded their first single. Nicky Beat, of various noteworthy LA bands, then sat in for...

origin Los Angeles, California
country United States of America
years active 1977 – 1980, 2005 – present
music genre Punk rock
past members Darby Crash
Pat Smear
Michelle Baer
Dinky (musician)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia