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Gerry Boulet

"Joseph Gaétan Robert Gérald (Gerry) Boulet" (March 1, 1946-July 18, 1990) was a Canadian rock singer. Most famous as vocalist for the Quebec rock band Offenbach, he also released two solo albums.

Born and raised in Saint-Jean-d'Iberville, he started in music with the band Les Gants Blancs, which evolved into Offenbach, in 1969.

In 1984, friction within the group led Boulet to record his first solo album, ''Presque 40 ans de blues''. The following year, the band performed a farewell concert at the Montreal Forum.

Boulet released his second solo album, ''Rendez-vous doux'', in 1988. That year, he was also diagnosed with colon cancer. In 1989, the album won him three Félix Awards.

On July 18, 1990, Boulet died in Montreal. Offenbach later reunited with Martin Deschamps on vocals.

Three more albums, including a live album and a rock opera, were released after Boulet's death.

* ''Presque 40 ans de blues'' (1984)

* ''Rendez-vous doux'' (1988)

* ''Gerry'' (1991)

* ''Jézabel'' (1994)

* ''Gerry Boulet...en rappel'' (1998)

* Gerry Boulet

Boulet, Gerry

Boulet, Gerry

Boulet, Gerry


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