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"Ghinzu" is a pop/rock band created in 1999 in Brussels, Belgium.

The band released its first album, ''Electronic Jacuzzi'' in late 2000 on their own label Dragoon. Their sound is a kind of noisy rock, supported by a big and groovy rythmic and some electronic touches while their subject matters are, among others, sex, partying, drugs and sex. The album was only released in Belgium and sold pretty good, enough at least to make another one.

Their second LP, ''Blow'', was released in February 2004 in Belgium. Things started to take off for Ghinzu at the time, with a sold out gig at the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels with fellow bands Girls in Hawaii and Sharko and an album release in France, Switzerland, Germany and Scandinavia in September. ''Blow'' was a success, especially in Belgium and France, where the single ''Do you Read Me?'' became a hit. In June 2005, Ghinzu sold out the mythic Olympia music hall in Paris, followed by concerts around Europe. They also played with Iggy & The Stooges in a Festival in France, Iggy Pop telling them after their gig: "You guys rock!". In the end, 80 000 copies of ''Blow'' have been sold accross Europe.

In November 2005, due to popu...

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