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Vince Gill

"Vince Gill" (born April 12, 1957) is an American country music musician, songwriter, and singer.

He was born in Norman, Oklahoma and learned to play several instruments, including banjo and guitar before he started high school at Oklahoma City's Northeast Classen High School. After he graduated, he played in a number of bluegrass bands. He debuted on the national scene with the country rock band Pure Prairie League in 1979, appearing on that band's album ''Can't Hold Back.'' Gill is the lead singer on their hit song, "Let Me Love You Tonight" (1980), which he was still performing in concert years later - thus, he said, confusing many fans who knew him only from his subsequent solo work.

Gill appeared on two subsequent albums along with then-wife Janis Gill before signing as a solo with RCA Records in 1983. He first charted while on that label. In 1989 he switched to MCA Records where he recorded his breakthrough hit "When I Call Your Name." His 1998 album ''The Key'' received great critical acclaim. His other albums include ''Next Big Thing'' (2003) and ''Let's Make Sure We Kiss Goodbye'' (2000).

Gill hosted the CMA Awards every year from 1992 to 2003. In 2004...

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