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"Gimmel" was a Finnish girl group.

In the Spring of 2002, a ''Popstars'' competition was held in Finland to find members to form a pop band. 454 young women participated in the singing tests. 25 girls made it to the final selection round. Members of the first Popstars band in Finland were ''Jenni Vartiainen'', ''Susanna Korvala'', ''Ushma Karnani'', and ''Jonna Pirinen''. After a few weeks arguments between the girls increased, and Jonna decided to leave the band. Ushma, Susanna, and Jenni continued. They decided to adopt the name ''Gimmel''.

The word Gimmel means a renaissance wedding ring that contains three parts. Once these parts joined together a groom, a bride, and a witness. They also symbolised an endless and firm relationship. Gimmel is the third letter in the Hebrew alphabet, and it also means the number three.

The first single they published was ''Etsit muijaa seuraavaa'', which was released on October 25, 2002. It sold gold in a few days and platinum in 1½ weeks. In its first week on the charts, the single rose to first in the Finnish single's chart and held that position for four weeks. Gimmel's first album ''Lentoon'' came out November 22, 2002 and jus...

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