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"Girlschool" are a long-running English all-female heavy metal band originating out of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Though enjoying little commercial success beyond the early 1980's, they maintain a worldwide cult following and were inspirational for many succeeding female bands.

In 1977 a group of schoolgirls in London formed a band called PAINTED LADY, consisting of Kim McAuliffe (guitar), Enid Williams (bass), and Deidre Cartwright (drums). A series of lineup changes followed before the lineup stabilised at Kim McAuliffe (guitar), Enid Williams (bass), Kelly Johnson (lead guitar) and Denise Dufort (drums). This was to be the original and "classic" lineup of Girlschool, adopting that name in 1979.

The band obtained a single-record deal with small label City Records in 1979 and released debut single TAKE IT ALL AWAY. Their gigs and the single got them attention, and in a major breakthrough, a 1979-80 support slot on tour with Motörhead, with whom they would have a strong association for many years, becoming "stable mates" on the Bronze Records label.

By the close of 1980, having released debut album DEMOLITION, the band were an integral and major forc...

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