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Following a frustrating stint with Fludd, bassist Greg Godovitz formed Goddo along with former Brutus guitarist Gino Scarpelli and drummer Marty Morin in 1975. The band made the rounds touring clubs in central Canada with occational forays into the US as a means to perfect their stage show and original chops.

Later that year they released an indie single of "Louie Louie" which, if nothing else, helped them secure more work in the Ontario bar scene. The band suffered a steady diet of bar circuit gigs over the next two years before finally attracting the attention of Polydor Records who signed the group and released their self-titled debut in 1977. Songs like "Under My Hat" began to set the stage for Goddo's place on Rock radio.

In true Greg Godovitz bravado, the follow-up album in 1978 was bolder, brasher and sported an attention grabbing title: 'If Indeed It's Lonely At The Top...WHO CARES...It's Lonely At The Bottom Too! The songs even reflected a rather barbed view of rock and roll lifestyles and the music industry in general with tracks like "Cock On" (a song about the censored Fludd album of the same name), "Carole (Kiss My Whip)", and "Drop Dead (That's Who)".

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