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"Goldrush" are a rock band from Oxfordshire, England. Their music has been compared to American drifters such as Nick Drake, the Byrds, the Flaming Lips and Grandaddy. The band centres around brothers Robin Bennett (vocals, guitar) and his brother Joe (keyboards, guitar, vocals). The other members are Garo (lead guitar), Growler (bass) and G (drums). Original bassist Jef Clayton left the band in 2003.

They were formed in the late 1990s under the name "Whispering Bob", after the DJ "Whispering" Bob Harris, who frontman Robin once served while working in the local SPAR shop. After releasing the mini album ''Another Fine Mess'' on their own Truck Records label, they changed their name to Goldrush, and soon after were signed to Virgin Records. Their first full-length album, ''Don't Bring Me Down'', appeared in 2002, but the band was dropped by Virgin later that year. In 2004, the EP ''Ozona'' was released on Truck (named after the town of Ozona, Texas where the band once broke down on tour). This was followed by an album-length version on Better Looking Records in the United States.

The band have collaborated with former Ride singer Mark Gardener on his album ''These Beautifu...

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