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Good Charlotte

Good Charlotte

"Good Charlotte" is a pop rock band from Waldorf, Maryland that formed on the 1st April 1996. They took the name 'Good Charlotte' from a children's book: ''Good Charlotte: The Girls Of Good Day Orphanage'' by Carol Beach York. The band maintains that there is no significance to the name Good Charlotte, and have claimed on many ocassions that they now hate the name. They have released 3 albums, most notably 2002's multiplatinum seller ''The Young and the Hopeless'', which spawned the chart topping singles, "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous," "The Anthem," and "Girls and Boys." The band's third and most recent album is 2004's ''The Chronicles of Life and Death''. The band is fronted by identical twin brothers Benji and Joel Madden. Other members of the band include their friends Billy Martin and Paul Thomas.

*Joel Madden - Vocals

*Benji Madden - Guitar, Vocals

*Paul Thomas - Bass

*Billy Martin - Guitar and Keyboard

*Dean Butterworth - Drums


*Aaron Escolopio - Drums

*Chris Wilson - Drums


*Derek Grant - Drums (Chronicles of Life and Death 2005)

*Josh Freese - Drums (The Young and the Hopeless album)

*Cyrus Bolooki - Drums (Vans Warped Tour 2

years active 1996–present
origin Waldorf, Maryland, United States
music genre Pop rock
current members Joel Madden
Benji Madden
William Dean Martin
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia