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"Faegheh Atashin" (Persian: فائقه آتشین) (born February 7, 1951), nicknamed "Googoosh" (Persian: گوگوش), is a famous Iranian pop singer and actress of Azeri background.

She was born in Tehran (Sarcheshme Street) to a Azerbaijani immigrant parents from the former Soviet Union (Azerbaijan SSR) . She began acting and singing early in her childhood alongside her father/acrobat, Saber Atashin. The name Googoosh is an Armenian boy's name and was given to her at birth. However since it was a boy's name, there was a problem registering the name on her birth certificate so she was registered under the name of Faegheh.

When she was an infant, Googoosh's father divorced from her mother and due to patriarchal custody laws in Iran, she moved with her father to Tehran. When she was only three years old, she sang with a microphone. Soon the young girl's talent would achieve nation-wide fame and success. She began acting for the royal court of the Shah at the age of four and was warmly welcomed by the former empress, Soraya. Googoosh's career started as a child star, acting and singing in many Iranian movies. She captured the ...

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