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Gordon Downie

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| "Place of Birth"

|Kingston, Ontario


| "Date of birth"

|February 6, 1964


| "Instruments"

|Vocals, guitar


| "Bands"

|The Tragically Hip

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| "Solo Records"


*''Coke Machine Glow'' (2001)

*''Battle of the Nudes'' (2003)


"Gordon Downie" is a Canadian rock musician and writer from Kingston, Ontario. He is the lead singer and lyricist of the Canadian rock band The Tragically Hip. He has released two solo albums, ''Coke Machine Glow'' in 2001 and ''Battle of the Nudes'' in 2003, and published a book of poetry, ''Coke Machine Glow''.

He attended Ernestown Secondary School (Odessa, Ontario) in Grade 9 and part of Grade 10. He graduated from Kingston Collegiate and Vocational Institute in 1982, a school also attended by his bandmates. Downie then studied film at Queen's University in Kingston.

Downie was a minor league hockey goalie and playe...

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