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"Gorefest" is a Dutch band from Zeeland founded in 1989 as a death metal band by De Koeyer, Harthoorn, van Schaik and Hoogendoorn.

Within two months of existence these four youngsters recorded a death metal demo featuring one of the most low-pitched and cavernous voice ever heard in death metal. A Dutch independent label, Foundation 2000 signed them for one album. Before recording ''Mindloss'' they first released another demo in 1990, which also received positive feedback. As a support band for Carcass they travelled through Belgium and the Netherlands impressing the metal-scene also on stage. Colin Richardson was the producer of 1991's album ''Mindloss''.

Before they toured with Revenant from New Jersey, guitarist Alex van Schaik was replaced by Bonebakker. Not satisfied with Foundation 2000, Gorefest signed a contract in 1992 with Nuclear Blast. Hoogendoorn was dismissed because of lack of interest and drummer Ed Warby (who came from melodic band called Elegy) took his place just two weeks before recording sessions of ''False'' (also produced by Colin Richardson). The album was a step further in composition, technique, lyrical subjects and sold very well in the N...

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