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Grand Funk

"Grand Funk Railroad" is an American power trio band. Not usually well-received by critics, the original Grand Funk Railroad lineup was highly popular during the 1970s, having sold over 25 million records and selling out arenas world-wide. They were often cited as "the loudest rock and roll band in the world." The current Grand Funk Railroad lineup uses the nickname "The American Band", from their hit song ""We're An American Band"".

The band was formed in 1969 by Mark Farner (vocals, guitar) and Don Brewer (vocals, drums), from Terry Knight and the Pack, and Mel Schacher (bass) from ? & the Mysterians in the working class, auto industry town of Flint, Michigan. Former bandmate Terry Knight soon became their manager and named the band after the Grand Trunk Western Railroad, a well-known rail line in Michigan. First achieving recognition at the 1969 Atlanta Pop Festival, the band was signed by Capitol Records. Patterned after Cream, but developing their own populist style, in 1970 they had sold more albums than any other American band and had become a major concert attraction. In that same year they had a hit single "Closer To Home," a song that was closer in style to t...

years active 1969 – 1976
1981 – 1983
1996 – 1999
2000 –
origin Flint, Michigan
country United States
music genre Rock and roll
current members Don Brewer
Mel Schacher
Bruce Kulick
Max Carl
Tim Cashion
past members Mark Farner
Terry Knight
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia