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"Grandaddy" is an indie rock group from Modesto, California, United States.

Grandaddy was formed in 1992 by singer/guitarist/keyboardist Jason Lytle, bassist Kevin Garcia, and drummer Aaron Burtch. In 1995, guitarist Jim Fairchild and keyboardist Tim Dryden joined the band.

Musically, the band features both guitars in the indie rock style, keyboards reminiscent of Philip Glass's minimalist style and vocals in the key of Neil Young. The band's musical style (somewhat classifiable as indietronic) often combines experimental electronic sounds with elements of folk and rock. Lyrics generally focus on isolation in a high-tech world grafted onto rural American. Common themes in the band's music are wildlife, obsolete technology, robots, incompetency and heartbreak. Lyricist Jason Lytle spent time working in a sewage treatment facility, which heavily influenced many of the songs on ''The Sophtware Slump''.

Around the time that ''The Sophtware Slump'' was released, Grandaddy was invited to open for Elliott Smith on his tour for ''Figure 8''. On some nights, Smith would join Grandaddy onstage and sing lead vocals on portions of "He's Simple, He's Dumb, He's the Pilot"...

years active 1992-2006
origin Modesto, California, United States
status Inactive
music genre Indie Rock
current members Jason Lytle
Kevin Garcia
Jim Fairchild
Tim Dryden
Aaron Burtch
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia