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Graveland is a Polish black metal band which was formed in 1992 by Rob Darken (born Robert Fudali). Darken, who started Graveland as a solo project, was inspired by early black metal such as Bathory and Burzum's early works. Starting with Thousand Swords, the band took on a powerful folk influence; as a result, Graveland's later works have sometimes been described as viking metal or pagan metal.

Graveland has also been associated with the National Socialist black metal movement. Rob has never made direct statements about it other than on the albums released; however, there is a link to the Fourteen Words on the official band page that serve as an indication of his racist beliefs.


  • Carpathian Wolves (1994, re-released in 2003)
  • Thousand Swords (1995, re-released in 2001)
  • In the Glare of Burning Churches (1996, re-released demo with extra songs)
  • Following the Voice of Blood (1997)
  • Immortal Pride (1998)
  • Raiders of Revenge (2000, split album with Honor)
  • Creed of Iron / Prawo Stali (2000, rele...
    years active 1992-present
    origin Wrocław
    country Poland
    music genre Black metal
    Viking metal
    Pagan metal
    current members Rob Darken
    license: GNU FDL
    source: Wikipedia

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