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"Gravenhurst" are a band from Bristol, England signed to Warp Records. Their latest album, Fires In Distant Buildings, is out on Warp Records on the 24 October 2005. The singer, guitarist and songwriter, Nick Talbot, is also one half of self-described "Victorian Clockworktronica" ensemble, Bronnt Industries Kapital.


*Nick Talbot (vocals/guitar)

*Huw Cooksley (bass/keys/backing vocals)

*Dave Collingwood (drums)


*Internal Travels CD (Silent Age Records)

*Gas Mask Days CD (Silent Age Records)

*Flashlight Seasons CD (Silent Age Records)

*The Diver 7" (For Us Records)

*Flashlight Seasons (re-release) LP/CD (Warp Records)

*Black Holes In The Sand EP (Warp Records)

*The Velvet Cell 7" (Warp Records)

*Fires In Distant Buildings LP/CD (Warp Records)

* Gravenhurst Official Site

* Silent Age Records

* Nick Talbot's Weblog

* Warp Records Site

* BBC Interview & Session

* Gravenhurst Myspace Page



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