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Greeley Estates

"Greeley Estates" is a post-hardcore band from Phoenix, Arizona.

*Ryan Zimmerman - Vocals

*Brandon Hackenson - Guitar

*Dallas Smith - Guitar

*Josh Applebach - Bass

*Brian Champ - Drums

The five young men in Phoenix, Arizona’s post-hardcore outfit Greeley Estates have accomplished the near-impossible in their brief time together thus far – when the band formed in late 2002, none of the three original members (vocalist Ryan Zimmerman, guitarists Dallas Smith and Brandon Hackenson) had been in a band before; a little more than a year later, Greeley Estates has earned a cult following that stretches from Arizona’s Valley of the Sun to the listening parties at Austin’s South by Southwest conference, and released a slickly produced and packaged album, Outside of This, to wide acclaim.

Outside of This brims with introspective (and often pummeling) odes to heartbreak (“Tear My World Apart,” “Without You”), existential angst (“Glimpse,” “Sheltered”), and hope (“Not Alone,” “If Words Could Say”). Greeley Estates’ strength at songwriting – primarily the boys’ flair for dynamics and emotive musicianship – is the reason that ...

years active 2002 – Present
music genre Post Hardcore
Rock music
status Active
origin Phoenix, Arizona
current members Ryan Zimmerman
Dallas Smith
Brandon Hackenson
Brian Champ
Josh Applebach
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia