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Patty Griffin

"Patty Griffin", born March 16 1964, is an American singer-songwriter from Old Town, Maine, next to the Penobscot Indian reservation. Two of her first four albums were unreleased by A&M Records.

A&M Records signed Patty on the strength of her demo tape. Nile Rodgers produced her first studio album, which Patty felt was overproduced. That album was unreleased, and A&M instead released a stripped-down reworking of her demo tape, called ''Living with Ghosts''.

1998's ''Flaming Red'' was a departure from the acoustic sound of ''Living with Ghosts'', with a mix of quieter and flat-out rock and roll songs. The follow up ''Silver Bell'' had a similar sound, and was unreleased by A&M. Patty has rerecorded songs from that album for later releases (such as "Making Pies" from ''1000 Kisses'', and "Mother of God," "Standing," and "Top of the World" from ''Impossible Dream''), and others have been covered by the Dixie Chicks. Copies of ''Silver Bell'' have leaked out, and can be acquired via the "B&P" (Blanks and Postage) method on message boards.

A&M dropped Patty's contract after ''Silver Bell'', and she was picked up by Dave Matthews' ATO ...

years active 1992-Present (time)
origin Old Town, Maine
music genre Folk
Alternative country
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