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"Grinspoon" are an Australian alternative/grunge rock band from Lismore, fronted by Phil Jamieson with Pat Davern on guitar, Joe Hansen on bass and Kristian Hopes on drums. Founded in 1995, they came to fame when they were Unearthed by national, commercial-free radio station Triple J thanks to their track ''Sickfest''. This won them the competition for the Lismore area. The band was heavily influenced by "grunge" music in their early career, including the band Helmet, and developed a strong following among mosh pit crowds. Their sound changed in their later career to a more mainstream rock sound with their 2002 release "New Detention" and at this point they lost many of their earlier fans and gained a lot of fans in the mainstream. Lyrically, the band are very cryptic and disjointed, most lines from their songs are not related to the next line and the songs rarely make sense as a whole. This has been attributed to the writer Phil Jamieson and his tendency to pen short lyrics of only a few lines each, and then tying many of these together into a song, creating a lack of consistent themes.

The band name was taken from marijuana supporter Dr Lester Grinspoon. The band has at time...

years active 1995–present
origin Lismore, New South Wales
music genre Rock (music)
current members Phil Jamieson
Pat Davern
Joe Hansen
Kristian Hopes
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia