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Groove Coverage

"Groove Coverage" is a German Euro-trance band. The Groove Coverage project consists of Axel Konrad, DJ Novus, Mell (lead singer), and Verena (former stage performer, occasional singer). The band has had hits around the world, especially in Germany, and have had radio play in North America, especially with the song Poison. They have produced popular remixes of several songs, including "Love is an Angel" by Sylver, "Come With Me" by Special D, and "Ass Up" by Baracuda.

So far, there have been three official albums in Germany, ''Covergirl'' (2002), ''7 Years and 50 Days'' (2004) and ''21st Century'' (2006), and a ''Best Of'' album (2005). There was also a special Canadian SPG Music release entitled ''Groove Coverage'', which includes their greatest hits in Canada. In the USA, they have an album called ''Groove Coverage: Greatest Hits''.

Several of the band's songs have have been cover versions, and those were the songs that boosted their popularity. Examples include "Moonlight Shadow", originally by Mike Oldfield, and their cover of Alice Cooper's "Poison".

The third album, named ''21st Century'' was released on July the 7th, 2006. Three singles were released before t...

origin Germany
years active 1999–present
music genre Euro-trance
current members DJ Novus
past members Verena (singer)
website Official site
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia