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Groovy Aardvark

Groovy Aardvark

"Groovy Aardvark" was a Canadian rock band noted for its longevity (19 years) in the Quebec music scene. Their final concert was staged in August 2005.

*1994: ''Eater's Digest''

*1996: ''Vacuum''

*1998: ''Oryctérope''

*1999: ''Exit Stage Dive''

*2000: ''Fast Times at Longueuil High'' (compilation)

*2002: ''Masothérapie''

*2005: ''Sévices rendus''

In 1986, the band Schizophrenic Muff Divers was formed by four high school students from Longueuil, Quebec. A year later the band changed its name to Groovy Aardvark in order to facilitate its plans of becoming a serious rock band. They released three cassette tape demos before releasing their first album, Eater's Digest, in 1994. Although all of the members spoke French natively, most of the songs were in English. This album, along with a two-month tour marked the beginning of their popularity in Quebec.

Groovy Aardvark had numerous members who joined and departed during the band's existence.

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!03 years active 1986–2005 origin Montreal, Quebec country Canada music genre Rock music past members Martin Dupuis
Pierre Koch
François Legendre
Vincent Peake

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