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Guitar Vader

Guitar Vader

"Guitar Vader" are a Japanese pop rock band. Formed in 1998, the band is probably most well known in the United States for their participation in the soundtracks of Jet Set Radio and Jet Set Radio Future. Until 2002, they were signed to Berry Records, a subsidiary of Sony. They then left to create their own record label, Plugs House. They have released two albums under that label, and have also formed a partnership with to sell these albums to Western customers, as well as individual tracks, videos, and live performances via

1998: Band formed with Shozo Ujuan, Miki Tanabe and Takumiya (family name unknown).

1999: The two-tape set "DIE HAPPY" is released

2000: The seven-song album "WILD AT HONEY" is released. Takumiya leaves the band.

2001: GV songs are used in the Dreamcast game Jet Set Radio (aka Jet Grind Radio). "Remixes GVR" and "From Dusk" are released. New drummer Suzuki Yoshifumi joins the band.

2003: Self label "PLUGS HOUSE" is established, and the new album "DAWN" is released. In November the band went on a brief tour of England, hosted by Pixelsurgeon.

2004: Album "HAPPY EAST" is re...

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