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thumb|250px|Guster at a concert in Boston, Massachusetts in 2004 ( Listen)

"Guster" is an alternative band, originally formed in Boston, Massachusetts by members Ryan Miller (guitar/vocals), Adam Gardner (guitar/vocals), Brian Rosenworcel (drums/percussion). Joe Pisapia has since joined.

The band members met during freshman orientation at Tufts University in 1991. A year later, after writing a few songs in their dorm rooms, the band named themselves "Gus" and booked their first gig. The band independently recorded their first album in 1994, entitled Parachute, while still in college. Shortly after the release of ''Parachute'' another artist calling himself Gus signed a deal with a major record company, forcing the band to rename themselves Guster. In 1996, the band independently recorded their second album, Goldfly, releasing it early the next year. In 1998 the band signed to Sire Records and re-released ''Goldfly''. A year later, the band released the album ''Lost and Gone Forever'', produced by Steve Lillywhite. With the backing of a major label, the band appeared on shows such as ''The Late Show with Dav...

years active 1991-present
origin Boston, Massachusetts, United States
music genre Alternative Music
current members Ryan Miller
Adam Gardner
Brian Rosenworcel
Joe Pisapia
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia