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Gym Class Heroes

"Gym Class Heroes" is a four-member hip-hop band from Geneva, New York. Instead of the conventional looped samples and pre-recorded beats, Gym Class Heroes uses live instruments.

Gym Class Heroes was formed in late 1997 by four high school students. Their first record, ''...For the Kids'', released in 2002. After this release, lead singer Travis McCoy won MTV's Direct Effect MC Battle. He was later featured in Styles P's video "Daddy Get That Cash".

In April 2004, GCH recorded ''The Papercut Chronicles'', an album that was picked up by Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy. The band then signed with Decaydance, an imprint of Florida-based record label Fueled By Ramen.

*Travis McCoy (Schleprok) - Vocals

*Disashi Lumumba-Kasongo - Guitar

*Matt McGinley - Drums

*Eric Roberts - Bass Guitar


*Ryan Geise - Bass

*Milo Bonacci - Guitar

*Sie One - Turntables

{{ class="wikitable"

! Title

! Release date

! Label

|- bgcolor="#F0F8FF"

| ''Hed Candy''

| 1999

| Independent Release


| ''Greasy Kid Stuff''

| 2000

| Independent Release

|- bgcolor="#F0F8FF"

| ''...for the kids''

| December 2001

| Independent Release



origin Geneva, New York
years active 1997–present
music genre Hip hop music
current members Schleprok
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia