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"Hagfish" is one of the punk rock bands to come out of the Deep Ellum scene in Dallas, TX. The band was created when George Reagan III, brothers Doni and Zach Blair, and drummer Tony Barsotti decided to record their first album, ''Buick Men'', on Dragon Street Records in 1993.

Hagfish then signed with London Records and released the 1995 album, ''...Rocks your Lame Ass''. This went on to become their most commercially successful album. In 1996 Hagfish was voted best Alternative Rock/Pop act by the Dallas Observer. After numerous arguments about the followup to ''...Rocks your Lame Ass'', London dropped Hagfish, and they returned to the independent scene. Their self-titled album ''Hagfish'', was released on Honest Don's in 1997, but did not see any real commercial success. Several breakups soon followed, and the bands touring stopped. The last release made by the band was a live album, ''That was Then, This is Then'', which was released in 2001.

Since the official break up in 2001, the band members have gone on to other projects. George has moved on to a homegrown Hip-Hop band The Brothers. Doni has participated in several bands including the instrumental band The Mag...

origin Dallas, Texas
years active 1993–2001
music genre Punk Rock
current members George Reagan III
Doni Blair
Zach Blair
Tony Barsotti
website Official site
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia