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"Hale" is a pop band from the Philippines which is composed of Champ Lui Pio (vocals and rhythm guitars), Roll Martinez (backing vocals and lead guitars), Sheldon Gellada (bass guitars) and Omnie Saroca (drums and percussion).

On July 2004, Hale was formed. Instead of going indie and performing in underground gigs, Hale focused on playing their originals. With only less than half a year playing as a band, Hale was signed on November by EMI Philippines. On the first quarter of 2005, Hale released their first single ''Broken Sonnet'' along with their self-titled debut album. It was not until their second single ''The Day You Said Goodnight'' that Hale started to gain attention from music aficionados around the Philippines.

According to drummer Omnie Saroca in an interview, the band's biggest musical influence is Coldplay. Other than Coldplay, Hale's other musical influences are John Mayer, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, The Corrs, to name a few.

Soon, their debut album went from gold (20,000 copies sold), to platinum (40,000), to double platinum (80,000), which was surprising for a rookie band. With two hit singles under their belt, they released two more singl...

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