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Halfcocked (also known as Halfc*cked or Half-Cocked) is an American heavy metal music band. They started out in 1997 while signed to independent label called Curve Of The Earth Records in Boston, and moved on to sign with Megatronic Records (headed by Powerman 5000 frontman Spider One) in 2001. Their style is best described as hard rock/metal with female vocals.

== Discography =

  • Occupation: Rock Star (1997)
  • Sell Out (1999)
  • The Last Star (2001, contains some reworked songs from the first CD)

== Members =

  • Tommy O'Neil (guitar, 1st two albums)
  • Jhen Kobran (bass, backing vocals)
  • Regina Zernay (bass - for last tour only)
  • Charlee Johnson (drums)
  • Sarah Reitkopp (lead singer)
  • Jaime Richter (guitar, backing vocals - only on The Last Star)
  • Johnny Heatley (guitar)

*Main website for Megatronic Records

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