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Hans Zimmer

"Hans Florian Zimmer" (born September 12, 1957) is a German Academy Award winner composer, best known for composing film scores.

Born in Frankfurt, Zimmer began his musical career playing keyboards and synthesizers with, among others, the bands Ultravox and The Buggles ("Video Killed the Radio Star"). In the 1980s, he worked with film composer Stanley Myers. His breakthrough came in 1988, with the score for ''Rain Man'', which was nominated for an Academy Award.

Since then, Zimmer has composed music for many major movies, such as ''Muppet Treasure Island'', ''Crimson Tide'', ''The Rock'', ''True Romance'', ''Gladiator'', ''Driving Miss Daisy'', ''The Prince of Egypt'', ''Pearl Harbor'', ''The Thin Red Line'', ''Black Hawk Down'', ''Backdraft'', ''The Last Samurai'', ''The Weather Man'', ''The Da Vinci Code'' and ''Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest''. In 1995, he received an Academy Award for Best Original Score for the animated movie ''The Lion King''.

Other composers like Steve Jablonsky, James Dooley, Heitor Pereira and Geoff Zanelli are working in Zimmer's studio ''Remote Control Productions'' (formerly known as ''Media Ventures''). Accomplished composer...

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