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''Not to be confused with The Hanson Brothers, another band.''

"Hanson" is a pop rock band that formed in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the 1990s by brothers "Clarke Isaac Hanson" (born November 17, 1980), "Jordan Taylor Hanson" (born March 14, 1983) and "Zachary Walker Hanson" (born October 22, 1985). They are best known for their hit song "MMMBop".


The boys were the first three children of parents Clarke Walker ("Walker") (June 1, 1954) and Diana Frances Hanson (nee. Lawyer) (April 30, 1954). The Hanson family also includes sisters and brother, Jessica Grace ("Jessie") (July 31, 1988), Avery Laurel (November 4, 1990), Joshua Mackenzie ("Mac") (January 7, 1994), and Zoƫ Genevieve (January 14, 1998).

The band, which was originally called "The Hanson Brothers," started out as three kids who sang a capella and recorded tapes with oldies like "Rockin' Robin," "Splish Splash," and "Johnny B. Goode," as well pieces of their very own material. Their first performance as a professional group took place in 1992 at the Mayfest arts festival in Tulsa.

Devoted fans of Hanson are also aware of their early video appearance on Carman's "Yo Kidz The Vidz," which includes Taylor...

years active 1992-Present
origin Tulsa, Oklahoma
country United States
music genre Pop rock
current members Isaac Hanson
Taylor Hanson
Zac Hanson
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia