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"Hardline" is a band created by brothers Johnny Gioeli and Joey Gioeli, who had previously played in the bands Killerhit and Brunette (which at one point was the top-drawing band in Hollywood, setting the all-time attendance record at Gazzarri's), later played in the band Gravity, and have since returned to Hardline. The band originally also included guitarist Neal Schon, bassist Todd Jensen, and drummer Deen Castronovo, the three of whom have also played together with singer Paul Rodgers of Free and Bad Company fame. The band was marketed as something of a hair metal band, due to the Gioelli brothers having hair down to their backsides and dressing in a glam metal style, but their sound had as much in common with straight hard rock, elements of a heavier Journey-type sound mixed with a Bon Jovi-style riff.

Neal Schon left and then did several projects before finally rejoining Journey.

Todd Jensen and Deen Castronovo left to join Ozzy Osbourne's band, though Todd Jensen was replaced by Geezer Butler before the recording of Ozzmosis. After the recording of Ozzmosis, Deen Castronovo was himself replaced. Eventually, Deen Castronovo joined Journey.

Drummer Bobby Rock...

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