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Dan Hartman

"Dan Hartman" (December 8, 1950 - March 22, 1994) was an American singer, songwriter and record producer.

Born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Hartman joined his first band, ''The Legends'', at the age of 13, with his brother Dave. Hartman played keyboards and wrote much of the band's music, but although several records were released they were not hits. He joined the Edgar Winter Group and played on three of their albums before launching a solo career in 1976. Dan wrote the band's second biggest pop hit "Free Ride" in 1972.

Hartman reached the peak of his lengthy career in 1978 with the number 1 single "Instant Replay", which to this day remains a popular oldie (musicians Hartman worked with on the album include Vinnie Vincent and G.E. Smith). It was followed by his second chart topper "Relight My Fire" (1979), both of which are considered by many to be anthems of the disco era.

He was back in the charts yet again with the top 10 single "I Can Dream About You" from the ''Streets of Fire'' soundtrack in 1984. This was followed by his third number 1 single "We Are The Young". During the next decade he worked as a songwriter and producer and collaborated with such a...

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