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"Hawkwind" are a British rock band, one of the earliest space rock groups. Their lyrics favour urban and science fiction themes. Notable science fiction writer Michael Moorcock was an occasional collaborator.

Formed in the summer of 1969 as "Hawkwind Zoo", they were offered a record deal by Liberty Records in November of that year and immediately shortened the band name to Hawkwind. Singer/songwriter/guitarist Dave Brock has been the only consistent band member through multiple personnel changes. Their music began as hard-driving blues rock, but quickly added doses of psychedelic music, with prominent use of special effects and synthesizers.

Their elaborate live performances (somewhat reminiscent of Sun Ra's) quickly gathered them a cult following, partly because they were seen as a 'community' ''Of the People - For the People'' group. Their second album ''In Search of Space'' was very successful.

Hawkwind were, along with the Pink Fairies, key 'community bands' in Ladbroke Grove, home of the Mountain Grill cafe. During the early 1970s Hawkwind played a number of benefit gigs along with other 'community' bands/artists including Pink Fairies and Steve Took who, ...

origin Ladbroke Grove, England
status disbanded?
years active 1969 – present
music genre Rock (music)
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source: Wikipedia