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"Hayden" may refer to:

*Hayden, stage name of Canadian singer-songwriter Hayden Desser

*Bill Hayden, former Governor-General of Australia.

*Carl T. Hayden, former President ''pro tempore'' of the U.S. Senate and Appropriations Committee chairman from Arizona.

*Emily Spencer Hayden, 19th and 20th century American photographer.

*Ferdinand Vandeveer Hayden, 19th century American geologist.

*Matthew Hayden, Australian cricketer.

*Melissa Hayden, American actress.

*Michael V. Hayden, U.S. Air Force General and Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence.

*Nicky Hayden, motorcycle racer.

*Pamela Hayden, American voice actress.

*Robert Hayden, African-American educator and poet.

*Sterling Hayden, American film actor

*Teresa Nielsen Hayden, American essayist and editor.

*Tom Hayden, American civil rights activist and politician.

*Hayden Amplification, British guitar amplification manufacturer.

Persons with the given name "Hayden" include:

*Hayden Christensen, Canadian actor known for his ''Star Wars'' roles.

*Hayden Fry, former NCAA Division I-A college football coach.

*Hayden Foxe, Australian football (soccer) player.

*Hayden Panettiere, A...

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