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Heather Nova

"Heather Nova" is a singer-songwriter and poet based in Bermuda.

Heather Nova was born Heather Allison Frith on July 6, 1967 in Bermuda. The family on her father's side is one of the oldest in Bermuda, with their history on the island going back 300 years, while her mother is of Canadian origin. Heather spent most of her childhood with her family (including one sister, Susannah, and one brother, reggae singer Mishka) on a 40-ft boat built by her father, where the Friths spent most of the 1970s and part of the 1980s, sailing up and down the Atlantic and Caribbean waters and coasts.

Heather started playing guitar and violin at a very early age, writing her first song when she was 12. Her family relocated to New England where she attended the Putney School in Putney, VT. Following her graduation in 1983, Heather enrolled at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), where she majored in film in 1989. She also sat in on poetry classes, and wrote music to go with her student films, as well as keep writing music.

After graduating from RISD, Heather moved briefly to New York City (where she unsuccessfully tried to interest some major labels in a demo), before moving to Lo...

years active 1990–present
origin Bermuda
music genre Rock music
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source: Wikipedia