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Heaven Shall Burn

"Heaven Shall Burn" is a European band from Saalfeld, Germany, that fuse together melodic death metal and metalcore. They combine an aggressive metal sound with lyrics that show a militant support of anti-racism and fighting social injustice. They also have some obscure ties to Lee Dorian of Napalm Death.

Heaven shall burn were founded in autumn 1996 under the banner of Consense, the first demo was recorded about six months later.After some unimportant line-up changes, Erik (b.) and Markus (voc.) joined the band in springĀ“97 - the second tape was recorded little later. So after a tight line-up was build, the band played a lot of shows and festivals around and worked with high- pressure on their first release.


*Matthias Voigt: Drums

*Maik Weichert: Guitar

*Alexander Dietz: Guitar

*Eric Bischoff: Bass

*Marcus Bischoff: Vocals


*Patrick Schleitzer: Guitar

*''In Battle There Is No Law - EP, (1998)

*''Heaven Shall Burn / Fall of Serenity - Split, (1999)

*''Asunder - Full-length, (2000)

*''Caliban vs. Heaven Shall Burn - The Split Program - Split, (2001)

*''In Battle... (There Is No Law) - Best of/Compilation, (2002)

*''Whatever It May...

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