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Hello Dave

Hello Dave

Hello Dave is a feel-good, happy-go-lucky kind of band from Chicago, Illinois. Their music is classic rock and roll. They have released a total of six albums, all featuring their own unique sound and flavor.

"Hello Dave" was the debut album featuring songs such as Melissa, No Way, and Gracie.

"16 Tons" was their next album featuring the songs 16 Tons, Fine Young Thing, and Freedom.

The next album that Hello Dave released was titled "West", which was designed as an album ideal for taking road trips. Songs on this album include Golden, Mountains, and Biminy.

Hello Dave then released a live album named "Wicked Revelry", featuring 9 live tracks such as Saturnalia, Sweetness, and Open My Eyes. The album concludes with the studio version of their poplular hot-sun hit, Summertime.

The most recent release is "Perfect Day". The band takes on an entire new sound with this album with new releases such as Colorado, Michigan, and Come Right Away. However they also go back to their roots with new-sounding classics such as Golden, Melissa, and Biminy.

The sixth album is "A Hello Dave Christm

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