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Hidden Cameras

"The Hidden Cameras" are a Canadian indie pop band.

Fronted by singer-songwriter Joel Gibb, the band consists of a varying roster of musicians who play what Gibb describes as "gay church folk music". They could also be considered an anti-folk band, a description that is often associated with musicians on the Rough Trade label. Their live performances are elaborate, high energy shows, featuring go-go dancers in balaclavas, a choir and string section. Large banners, created by Joel and often featured on the band's record covers, are hung from the ceiling and lyrics are projected onto the wall. Yellow streamers thrown into the audience accompany the song, "Golden Streams" and band members lead the audience in special made-up dances for particular songs.

The band's first album, ''Ecce Homo'', was released independently in 2001 on EvilEvil. It was after this first release that Gibb assembled a band and they began to perform in venues varying from churches to porn theatres to parks.

Since these early days The Hidden Cameras have played host to a number of notable musicians including Reg Vermue, Owen Pallett, Maggie MacDonald, and Bob Wiseman.

Their 2003 album, ''Th...

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