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"Honeybus" were a 1960s pop group, who, since their heyday, have often been pigeonholed as one-hit wonders, a tag which many say belies the rich legacy of material left behind by the band.

The best known line-up consisted of:

*Pete Dello (born Peter Blumson, in 1943) — (vocals, keyboards, guitar)

*Ray Cane (born Raymond Byart in 1945) — (vocals, bass, keyboards)

*Colin Hare (born Colin Nicholls in 1946) — (rhythm guitar, vocals)

*Pete Kircher (born Peter Kircher, 21 January 1948, in Folkestone, Kent) — (drums, vocals).

Material was written by the band's main resident composers, Dello and Cane. Critics, amongst them Kenny Everett compared the band to Rubber Soul-era Beatles. Yet Honeybus never had the commercial success of many other artists of time, and only once in their history did they connect with the public for a major hit with 1968's "I Can't Let Maggie Go".

"I Can't Let Maggie Go" reached Number 8 in the UK singles chart, but any chance of future success was shattered when Dello resigned during the single's chart run. He had been willing to play live on radio and television appearances or a special concert showcase, but ...

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