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"Hopesfall" are a post hardcore band from Charlotte, North Carolina formed in 1998. They are currently signed to Trustkill Records.

Hopesfall started as a Christian metal/hardcore band in 1998. With 2001's ''No Wings to Speak Of'' EP the band began to turn heads in their music scene with the song "End of an Era". Shortly after the EP was released and a few member changes later, Hopesfall released ''The Satellite Years'' to moderate success and great reviews. The album broke down the barriers of the metal sound on older records, and brought fourth a beautifully aggressive yet melodic new Hopesfall. As of the release of ''The Satellite Years'', Hopesfall no longer considers themselves a Christian band.

In 2004, the band released ''A Types'', a grungier and more melodic evolution of Hopesfall. The album is almost completely devoid of the screaming or the long melodic breakdowns that gave them their signature sound. The quite dramatic change in sound has resulted in the album being generally unpopular with the band's long term fans. Only two members that played on ''The Satellite Years'' returned to the studio for ''A Types'' (Vocalist Jay Forrest and Founding Member/Gui...

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