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"Horslips" were a 1970s Irish rock band that composed, arranged and performed their own Celtic rock songs and music based on traditional Irish jigs and reels. They were one of the first, if not the first, of the Celtic rock bands of that era. Formed in 1970, they disbanded in 1980, but recently (in 2005) the original line-up has regrouped and performed a small number of gigs.

Horslips were one of Ireland's leading rock groups of their era, although their success overseas was mixed.

*Jim Lockhart, from Francis St in Dublin, studied classical music at Trinity College Dublin. He fell under the influence of Seán Ó Riada, wanting to build an orchestral sound out of Irish music. He played keyboards, pipes, whistles and flute. He did vocals on a select number of songs, mainly in Manx or Irish.

*Eamon Carr is from Kells, County Meath. He started a quarterly literary magazine called ''The Tara Telephone'' in Dublin in the late 60s that also ran poetry recitals. He was the drummer.

*Charles O'Connor, from Middlesbrough in the UK played concertina, mandolin, and fiddle (later on he played the electric guitar) and shared the main vocal tasks with Barry Devlin an...

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