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Hues Corporation

Hues Corporation

"The Hues Corporation" was a pop and soul trio of the mid '70s. They are best known for their 1974 classic and infectious hit, "Rock The Boat", a U.S. #1 single and million-seller which is considered by many an early classic of disco music; and by some as the first disco song to hit #1. The group's four other singles to reach the U.S. pop charts were "Freedom For The Stallion" (1973, #63), "Rockin' Soul" (1974, #18), "Love Corporation" (1975, #62), and "I Caught Your Act" (1977, #92).

The band was composed of St. Clair Lee, Flemming Williams, and Ann Kelley. Despite their initial success, the group disbanded in 1977.

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