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I Mother Earth

"I Mother Earth", or IME, is a Canadian alternative rock band consisting of Brian Byrne (vocals), Bruce Gordon (bass), Christian Tanna (drums), and Jagori Tanna (guitar). The band was at the peak of its popularity in the mid-to-late 1990s, and its members are currently at work on other projects while on a self-described "hiatus". Currently, there is no indication that they will ever regroup.

Brothers Christian and Jagori Tanna (a stage name adopted from their admiration for Carlos Santana) met vocalist Edwin at their shared rehearsal space in Toronto around 1990. Edwin asked the brothers to form a band with him, and the three came together in 1991, taking on the also mono-named Franz as a bass player. The band came up with the name IME, as in "I Am Me", but later decided the letters should stand for something. Jag Tanna plucked I Mother Earth out of the air and insists it has no special meaning. The band, represented by a professionally-recorded five-song demo, played a mere thirteen shows over the next year, and suddenly they were in the middle of a bidding war between labels. They ended up being signed to EMI in Canada, and Capitol for the U.S. and international...

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