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Ian Van Dahl

Ian Van Dahl

"Ian van Dahl" is a Belgian dance music group, made up of five members.

The band's members are Annemie Coenen, Peter Luts and David Vervoort, with producers Christophe Chantzis and Erik Vanspauwen. Luts and Vervoort have also worked with the trance group Lasgo. Ian van Dahl is best known for the 2001 summer hit ''Castles In The Sky'', which charted highly across Europe. The original version of ''Castles in the Sky'' included vocals from a singer named Martine Theeuwen, who was later replaced by Coenen.

They also had hits around the world with ''Try'', ''Reason'', ''Will I?,'' ''Believe'', ''I Can't Let You Go'', ''Secret Love'', and ''Inspiration''. Their most recent singles are ''Movin On'' which was released in December 2005 and "just a Girl" which was released in July 2006.

*2002 "Ace" #7 UK

*2004 "Lost and Found"

"Castles In the Sky"

*United Kingdom: #3

*Ireland: #13

*Canada: #17

*Netherlands: #28

*Sweden: #51

*Australia: #57

*Switzerland: #90

*U.S.: #91

"Will I?"

*United Kingdom: #5

*Denmark: #10

*Ireland: #12

*Sweden: #47

*Austria: #54

*Australia: #70


*United Kingdom: #8

*Spain: #14


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