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< Image with unknown copyright status removed: thumb|right|Icehouse --> Icehouse is an Australian rock & roll band, originally billed as Flowers.

They were formed in 1977 as Flowers by Iva Davies (born Ivor Arthur Davies, on 22 May, 1955, in Wauchope, New South Wales, Australia), who was the main creative force, and a classically trained musician; and bass player, Keith Welsh.

Since 1980 Icehouse has released seven albums, several compilations, and music from collaborations with other artists including dance companies. The 1987 album Man of Colours was released at the apex of their fame and international success.

As Flowers, Icehouse built up a strong following as a live act around Sydney, noted for their distinctive cover versions of songs by a wide range of acts including T-Rex and Brian Eno. After signing to the Festival Records label, they released their first album Icehouse in 1980, which became a hit in Australia. The single from this album, also called "Icehouse", created some interest in the U.K., partly because of a memorable video. Other singles included "Can't Help Myself" and "...

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