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Ike Reilly

Ike Reilly (born Mike Reilly) is a musician from Libertyville, Illinois. Often considered a leading figure of indie rock, Reilly is known for self-depreciating "white trash" manners, Dylanesque lyrics and raucous shows. He is often compared to Beck and his stripped down style gets claimed in the tradition of genres as diverse as Celtic Rock and hip hop.

In 2003 Reilly and bandmates Tommy O'Donnell, Ed Tinley, Dave Cottini, Phil Karnatz assumed the name The Ike Reilly Assassination (IRA for short) and released "Sparkle in the Finish."

== Discography =

  • "Community No. 9" 1992
  • "Salesmen and Racists" 2001
  • "Sparkle in the Finish" 2004
  • "Junkie Faithful" 2005

== Online Exclusive EPs =

  • "Sparkle in the Finish: The B-Sides 2005
  • "The Last Demonstration" 2006

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Ike Reilly

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