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Imogen Heap

"Imogen Heap" (b. December 9 1977) is an English singer-songwriter from Essex, most famous for her work as part of Frou Frou, a joint collaboration with Guy Sigsworth, and for her 2005 solo record, ''Speak For Yourself''.

Imogen Heap grew up playing music from an early age, and is classically trained in many instruments, including the piano (her first instrument), cello and clarinet as well as the marimba and had begun to write songs by the time of her eleventh birthday. Her mother, an art therapist, and her father, a rocks construction retailer, separated when Heap was twelve, and she went to a boarding school. The school was lacking in students wishing to pursue music, with Heap clashing with the music teacher. His idea of punishment was to leave Heap alone to learn for herself, teaching herself sequencing, music engineering, sampling and production on Atari computers. Following this, Heap went on to study at the Brit Music school (later attended by artists such as Katie Melua). She signed her first record contract at the age of 17 to independent record label Almo Sounds, having enjoyed a prestigious live debut, performing four songs, backed by friends Acacia, between set...

Background solo singer
Born December 9 1977
Origin Essex, England
Genre Electronica/Alternative music
Active 1998–
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source: Wikipedia