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Imperial Teen

"Imperial Teen" is a pop band started by Roddy Bottum, keyboardist of Faith No More with Lynn Perko, Jone Stebbins and Will Schwartz. The releases include "Seasick" (1996), "What Is Not To Love" (1999) and "On" (2002). They had a breakthrough hit with the single "Yoo-Hoo" off "What Is Not To Love" which appeared on the soundtrack to "Jawbreaker" starring Rose McGowan. They are currently signed to Merge Records.

The band toured for in 2004 and released a live album in 2005 "Live at Maxwells".

Will Schwartz joined with Tomo Yasuda for his dance side project hey willpower. The outfit also includes dancers Erin Ruch and Justin Kelly. hey willpower released the EP "hey willpower" in 2005.

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